14th October 2011: Email to Sue Bywater

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Dear Sue

Just to be clear: this is not an independent investigation. It is an internal investigation by two existing AVOW Trustees who were not Trustees at the time of my employment, and with an external chair who may or may not be independent.

Please can you send me any information in your possession about the terms of reference of this investigation, its timescale and whether its findings will be made public?

If I had asked you to investigate this two years ago, your department would no doubt have said that it could not comment pending the outcome of the employment tribunal. Indeed, almost all the authorities stated that they would have to await the outcome of any appeal to the tribunal findings before taking action. Now we know that there is no appeal and the tribunal findings stand AS FACT, but you are postponing any action pending the outcome of this internal investigation. No doubt once we have these findings, assuming they are to be made public, an independent, external investigation will be announced and you can say that you are postponing any action once again pending the outcome of this.

My point to you is that the Tribunal findings stand and that you should be taking action NOW on the basis of those findings to preserve the credibility of the One Wrexham Charter of Belonging. There is nothing to stop you taking action now and possibly reversing any moves made once the investigation has reported, but it’s really not good enough to do nothing in the meantime. What sort of message do you think that sends to disabled people like myself? What sort of message does it send to everyone in Wrexham?

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