18th October 2011: Email from Sue Bywater

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Dear Ms Bove,

Having considered your request in relation to the issue you wish to raise to Wrexham Borough Council I refer directly to the One Wrexham Charter (please see attached) as below to give clarity to both the position and role of the council:

“Where a complaint is made to Wrexham County Borough Council about an organisation that has adopted the One Wrexham Charter:

The Council will liaise with the organisation the complaint concerns to resolve the issue.

Where a complaint is upheld Wrexham County Borough Council reserve the right not to renew the One Wrexham Charter award for that organisation. However, every effort will be made to use the complaint to improve services and the way they are delivered.”

The Charter also states:

“Complaints can be made in writing, via email, in person or via the telephone directly to the organisation they are complaining about or to Wrexham County Borough Council. (Contact the Equality Manager 01978 292808)”.

This matter is outside the remit of the Corporate Complaints process and therefore as such cannot be investigated by the council. In accordance with, and in the spirit of the One Wrexham Charter I have therefore passed your issue to our Equality Manager, Celia Hart, so that she can liaise with the relevant organisation.

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