Private Eye Letters page

The current issue of Private Eye, No. 1298, contains a letter in response to an article in the last issue about the Tribunal findings. It reads:

Sir –

In the Charity News section you quote the cost of replacing a light bulb at £20 (In the back, Eye 1297). The small blue bulb that warns the owners of electric AGAs that the oven extractor fan is on is within the control box and cannot really be replaced by the average punter. The quote from a local dealer for replacing this little blue bulb… £92!! When I pointed this out to AGA, their reply was, in effect, ‘that’s jolly interesting’. Why not start a contest to see whose light bulb is the most expensive to replace?

Yours etc.

Roderick Mather

Of course, the story lends itself to various lightbulb changing comments and jokes, witness this cartoon.

Nevertheless, it is probably worth clarifying that the £20 referred to was the estimated cost of providing an uplighter and a couple of desk lamps in my previous place of work so that the fluorescent strips could be switched off, as explained to the Judge during the tribunal hearing by my manager at the time. My recollection is that we bought a second uplighter when I moved to work in the Wrexham office. Funnily enough, I found out the other day that these lights, or at least the uplighters, have been sitting around unused ever since I was transferred to AVOW under TUPE regs. and that had AVOW simply made enquiries and asked for them, they could probably have effected the necessary lightbulb change for free!

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One Response to Private Eye Letters page

  1. Kenton Starrick says:

    Desk lamps that are made from compact fluorescent bulbs are the best because they consume less electricity. They also generate less heat compared to electric light bulbs. ;`.;;

    Yours trully

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