26 August 2011: Email to WCBC Executive Board

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Dear Members of the WCBC Executive Board

I wish to draw your attention to serious failings in the governance of the Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham which were identified in the recent Judgment (Written Reasons) handed down by the Employment Tribunal in the case of Bove v AVOW 2902546/2008.

For your information, I enclose the full Written Reasons as well as a summary including the Judgment and extracts from the Written Reasons, with the key areas of concern that I have identified from the ruling. Any extracts are marked with the relevant paragraph numbers so they can be cross-referenced back to the original. I also attach a somewhat shorter document which attempts to go through the ruling with some commentary to put it in context.

I understand that Assembly Member Mark Isherwood has already expressed his concern about AVOW’s governance (reported yesterday in Daily Post), and I believe this matter is also properly the concern of WCBC, given the amount of public funds AVOW receives both from the county and from other public bodies and the role it plays in advising other charities as well as voluntary and community groups about good practice, the role of trustees, compliance and so on.

Further, I would suggest that AVOW’s status as a signatory to the ‘One Wrexham’ Charter should be urgently reviewed.

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