3rd October 2011: Email to Simon Meyers

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Dear Simon Meyers

I believe you are my local councillor.

I am writing to you about the recent findings of the employment tribunal in a case I have been fighting for three years against my ex-employer AVOW.

I attach the full findings (59 pages), plus a summary of the most important extracts and a shorter summary with some commentary to put the findings in context.

AVOW has now settled the sum due to me and the Employment Appeal Tribunal tells me that it has not received an application to appeal (deadline Friday 30 September).

Your colleague Aled Roberts is aware of the situation at AVOW and is investigating some of the issues the tribunal findings raise.

The reason I am writing to you now is that I am concerned that this organisation has a very high profile in Wrexham, being the umbrella body for other voluntary organisations, charities etc. in the area, for which it acts as mentor and supporter. The serious governance issues raised by the tribunal findings do not yet seem to have been addressed (and, as of last week, the chief officer was still in post and at work). In view of this fact, it seems to me that the Council should be distancing itself from an organisation which has been found to have behaved so badly and whose governance clearly does not meet with even the most minimum standards of proper conduct (please read the judgment for yourself) and that questions need to be raised about the Chief Officer John Gallanders’ continued representation on local bodies.

I have written to several councillors (all the leaders of the main political groupings and all the executive board members, questioning whether AVOW should continue to be accepted as a signatory of (and recruiter for) the One Wrexham Charter when it clearly does not uphold the core values enshrined in that Charter. I have not had a single response on this point. I then wrote on 29 September to the council officers responsible for the Charter asking them to investigate my complaint about AVOW. I have yet to receive an acknowledgement to this email, which I will forward separately.

I hope that you will be able to follow up this matter on my behalf.

This, however, is not my only concern, since the Chief Officer of AVOW sits on many important bodies and panels in Wrexham. For example, I believe John Gallanders is still on the Children and Young People Framework Partnership Board. I understand that you are a member of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee of the Council and perhaps this is a matter that can be raised in that environment. I believe that, even if AVOW is unwilling to do anything in response to the findings, John Gallanders’ membership of such bodies should be urgently reviewed in light of the tribunal’s findings of his ‘reprehensible’ behaviour, his abuse of power, the tribunal’s findings that I was victimised and discriminated against by the respondent (largely as a result of John Gallanders’ actions against me) and the unsatisfactory nature of the evidence he gave to the tribunal, for instance. I would be very happy for you to forward the tribunal’s findings to other members of this committee if appropriate.

Anything you can do to bring these issues up at council level as my representative would be much appreciated.

More information about this case can be found at https://notavow.wordpress.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

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