Fairness event invitation

This is the invitation as it appeared on AVOW’s website:

Invitation to Fairness in Wrexham Event – 22 November 2011

22 Nov 2011

You may have heard about the Equality Act 2010 – this came into effect last October. The Equality Act replaced nine key pieces of legislation and introduced new legal duties for public authorities.

Wrexham County Borough Council is currently preparing its Strategic Equality Plan, as required by the new duties. To help the Council develop a really effective plan we are hosting an engagement day to hear what local people have to say about equality and fairness – our theme is “Fairness in Wrexham”.

The purpose of this engagement day is to gather views and ideas from a wide range of people including local groups and communities so that we create a plan that tackles inequalities and makes Wrexham a fairer place for everyone.

The “Fairness in Wrexham” programme for the day includes highlights from the report “How Fair is Wales” produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in March 2011. This report summarises a wide range of research and evidence of inequalities across Wales. (You can find the report on the EHRC website http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/uploaded_files/Wales/how_fair_is_wales.pdf ).

The programme also includes workshop discussions across the full range of characteristics protected by the law – age, disability (including carers), race, sex (including pregnancy and maternity), sexual orientation (including marriage and civil partnership), gender reassignment and religion and belief.

You are invited to attend the “Fairness in Wrexham” because we want you to be involved in discussing equality issues for Wrexham and to help Wrexham County Borough Council identify its equality priorities and objectives for the next three or four years.

To confirm your place and anything we can do make the event accessible and comfortable for you please complete the booking form below.


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